Cooling Tower Filtration

The AmeriWater CycloSand Filter is designed to give you cleaner Cooling Tower water with a system that is affordable, easy to install and simple to maintain. With cleaner water, your operation will see the following improvements:

You will reduce unscheduled downtime for maintenance problems like...

...bacterial slime and algae on heat exchanger surfaces
...gray sludge in condenser tubes and covers
...corrosion plate & frame exchangers
...reduced coil and heat exchanger efficiency

You will reduce excess water consumption by eliminating...

...low cycles of concentration
...excess flush down situations
...high blow down flows
...high water bills

You will prolong equipment life by eliminating problems like...
...under deposit corrosion
...leaking pump bearings
...unusual wear on valves
...plugged exchanger or evaporator tubes
...plugged tower packing
...clogged sumps and pipes

CycloSand filters water 10 to 20 times more effectively!

AmeriWater's exclusive design utilizes very fine sand and centrifugal force to remove contaminants down to 2 microns - 10 to 20 times finer than conventional sand filters. Because of the ultra fine filtration only 2% to 5% of the system needs to be filtered.

-Save energy
-Limit micro-biological growth
-Lengthen equipment life
-Reduce maintenance

Other applications: process water, potable water, iron removal, Pre RO/DI, fish hatcheries, waste water, decorative fountains.

Three Ways CycloSand saves you money:

1. You save floor space and installation expense
Compact CycloSand Filtration System takes up 1/4 the door space needed for conventional filters of equal capacity. They can be wheeled through any 36" doorway

2. You cut backwashing time by 50% and water consumption by 90%
Minimal backwash water means any normal floor drain can be utilized. Because of the low flow, fresh water can be used, keeping the media bed cleaner and enabling one filter to be used on the cooling tower as well as alternating on a cold or hot water loop.

3. You cut down repairs and maintenance because your water is far cleaner

Most particles in a cooling system are between 2 and 10 microns, CycloSand removes them, improving the effectiveness of chemicals in fighting corrosion and the reproduction of micro-organisms.

For more information on the benefits of CycloSand, contact Wincross!