Deionization Services

Wincross offers a multitude of deionization (DI) products and services. Deionization provides the economical and efficient removal of dissolved salts and minerals for the production of high purity water.
Wincross specializes in:

Wincross has built a reputation on prompt exchange of exhausted deionization tanks by qualified, trained personnel. All of Wincross' deionization products produce the highest quality of water required for any specific application, up to the maximum of 18 Meg Ohm / cm of resistivity.

Wincross only uses select grades of resins which meet stringent quality standards. All of our resins are regenerated at a centrally located facility which employs state-of-the-art equipment and practices.

Whether your DI needs consist of auxiliary pure-water systems, polishing systems, or stand alone systems, Wincross can prescribe a cost effective course of action to meet your objectives. Our technical staff will analyze your water quality to derive the optimum system to meet your needs. Best of all, there is no capital investment required when you partake in our rental or leasing plans.

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