Home Reverse Osmosis

Imagine: Water that exceeds the quality of bottled water--right from your tap! Now anyone can enjoy pure, delicious, thirst quenching water while at home through technology know as reverse osmosis. This same technology is used today for the creation of high purity water in the health care industry. This technology has been proven to remove up to 99% of the contaminants found in your water!

The HydrotechÒ reverse osmosis drinking water system combines sediment and carbon filtration with reverse osmosis technology to create effective water treatment for the point-of-use. Manufactured with NSFÒ approved plastics and the finest material available, each system is 100% tested, sanitized and hermetically sealed. The HydrotechÒ reverse osmosis drinking water system is equipped with the patented SmartapÒ water quality monitor which compares the feed water to the product water and accurately indicates membrane performance with each draw of water from the faucet, or at the touch of a button. This leading edge technology brings integrity and credibility to the customer by means of continuous accuracy. Each HydrotechÒ reverse osmosis system is backed by a two year limited warranty. The SmartapÒ water quality monitor is backed by a five year warranty.